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7 Reasons Why We Switched from Sketch to Figma

Vladislav Luchkovski

Vladislav Luchkovski



1. All platforms

Figma allows you to open screen layouts from desktop applications and, attention, even from a browser! This is especially convenient for Android developers who have traditionally suffered trying to open .sketch files on their Windows or Linux PCs.

2. Everything is in the cloud

All layouts of all projects are always available and always at hand. It’s comfortable to work with them, they are easy to share and they cannot be lost. Also, the development team will always be able to see the current version of the design with all the latest changes.

3. User management

In our work, it is important to provide access to the most recent version of the design to several users at once: developers, project managers and customers. Figma allows you to quickly share the projects with access by link, as well.

4. Clickable prototypes

Clickable prototyping functionality is available directly in Figma. There is no need to export the mock-ups into a separate prototyping tool, and any changes made by the UI designer are immediately visible in the prototypes. Here’s what a typical project looks like after all the relationships between the frames are configured.

5. Animations out of the box

What could be better than showing the customer and the team the type of application as close as possible to the finished product? We use the animation functionality built into Figma to achieve the most realistic behavior of our prototypes.

6. Work on one project in real-time

Imagine that you have one .sketch file and several designers who are editing it. Whatever solution to this problem you come up with, it will be less convenient than the simultaneous work on layouts in Figma.

7. Version History

 In Google Docs, you can always restore a version of a document at any time in the past. And, probably, everyone had situations when this function was very helpful. Figma has the same feature – all changes are logged and you can easily roll back the project to any of its previous states.

At the time of writing this article, Figma is still a completely freeware tool. Although, taking into account the points above, as soon as they add monetization, the number of their users should not change significantly. We, for example, are definitely not going anywhere.

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