Corporate SocialResponsibility

We create a digital sustainable world where everyone can thrive. We take responsibility for our impacts and try to build a better future with respect for the global environment and human rights.

Our organizational culture is based on such values as trust, respect, and transparency.

We are working on sustainability in accordance with the Environmental, Social, and Governance standards.

Our corporate responsibility

We always strive for creating a healthy and safe working environment that allows us to work efficiently on the projects we care about
Orangesoft community is a friendly and welcoming place where people are treated equally regardless of their nationality, background, age, and sex
Working place
We have high standards for the office environment in terms of comfort and safety, creating the most efficient atmosphere for our employees
Knowledge transfer
We are a community of highly educated individuals who share their knowledge and experience both within the organization and with other people around the world
From day one, my partners and I have been building a business that reflects our vision of the most important values of humanity. To us, it is not only about honesty and integrity but also equal opportunities and a flat organizational structure. We value hard and soft skills necessary for successful work in a particular position and will never add any other evaluation criteria. I am convinced that such a position contributes to our company's sustainable development, making it a win-win for the founders, employees, and clients of Orangesoft.

We act sustainably

Orangesoft takes responsibility for climate, waste, energy, water, and other natural resources making it part of our culture and day-to-day operations of the company
We constantly increase the share of equipment that can be recycled as well as encourage everyone to separate trash
Green Energy
We encourage our employees to ride bicycles to work providing bicycle parking and a comfortable shower
Natural resource management
We have high standards for the office environment in terms of comfort and safety, creating the most efficient atmosphere for our employees
When I came to Orangesoft, there were no clear corporate environmental compliance guidelines. However, the company’s management supported my initiative to introduce the practice of waste sorting and change the procurement policy of goods necessary for office function. The ecological footprint is a top priority for me, and I am pleased that Orangesoft shares my values and is ready to quickly implement the best eco-friendly practices.

Tech for good

We support NGOs and social projects, offering them special terms through pro-bono and low-bono activities to build a sustainable economy together
We help NGOs
Social projects can count on us in the creation of their digital solutions
Broad partner network
If our tech stack doesn’t cover the needs of a nonprofit project, we will consult for free and refer the companies that can help
We support green startups
We offer special conditions for startups that solve environmental problems
In 2014, our team launched Onbike — a non-profit project designed to help cyclists to plan their routes taking into account the city's cycling infrastructure. We have created an open city map with bike parks, bike paths, repair shops, and other facilities that cyclists need. The Orangesoft team has developed mobile applications for iOS and Android for our project free of charge. We are grateful to Orangesoft for their participation and initiative during the development process.

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