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We build scalable, feature-rich React.js solutions with interactive interfaces and user-driven experiences to boost your business success and longevity.

Orangesoft is a top-ranked React.js development partner with 11 years of hands-on experience and 100+ successfully delivered web solutions. Our team of frontend developers designs and builds dynamic, hybrid, and progressive web applications based on your unique business needs and user expectations. We give your web application the experience it deserves.

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React.js development services we provide

Use React.js development services to build high-performance web apps.

React.js development

React.js development

Take your product to the market faster with our end-to-end React.js development services. We run your project from ideation to delivery and create a market-ready web application with a consistent, intuitive, and interactive UI.

Next.js development

Next.js development

Our Next.js development team delivers lightning-fast web applications with reduced loading times, better SEO, and faster time-to-market. Elevate your user experience, add more dynamics, and rank higher — at lower cost and higher speed.

Migration to React

Migration to React

Your existing solution lags behind the market? Our developers help you move from any frontend framework to React, leveling up your app experience. We take over the entire process of incremental app migration to accelerate your web app performance with no disruption.

Dedicated React.js development team

Dedicated React.js development team

Secure a dedicated team of React.js development experts fully immersed in your web project. Our experienced React.js developers build custom web applications following your unique business objectives. A dedicated team is allocated exclusively to your project.

Maintenance and support

Maintenance and support

Hire our support team to achieve better security, efficiency, and durability of your web solutions. We take charge of the entire range of post-release maintenance tasks to keep your digital assets in full swing.

React.js consulting

React.js consulting

Request our expert advisory on your React.js experience to get a head start on your digital transformation. Our professionals will help you choose the right migration strategy, development approach, or enhancement path to solve your tech challenges.

Why choose React.js for your app development project?

React.js is a top choice among many well-known companies due to its standout features.

Outstanding UI

Outstanding UI

Responsive, interactive, and user-friendly interfaces that are both flexible and easy to maintain.



Cut your development costs with reusable and ready-made UI components.



Smooth, uninterrupted user experience supported by one-way data binding.

High performance

High performance

Faster rendering keeps your high-load application at full speed even during peak periods.



Backend rendering, high speed, and proper URL structure make your platform visible to search engines.

Fast development

Fast development

Reusable components and a diverse React.js toolset accelerate development and reduce time-to-market.

Proven and trusted

Proven and trusted

React.js is backed by industry leaders and trusted by thousands of great companies – from startups to enterprises.

Mature community

Mature community

An open and rich toolset facilitates and accelerates the development without a huge up-front investment.

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React.js development process at Orangesoft

We have a clearly defined workflow to deliver top-quality products on time.

01. Discovery

We start by clarifying project goals, performing competitive analysis, and gathering requirements to validate your project’s feasibility.

02. Design

Following your project requirements, we create high-fidelity wireframes and prototypes to lay the ground for your web application design.

03. Development

Our developers transform designs into a full-fledged web solution and perform integrations via custom APIs.

04. Testing

Our team of QA engineers runs multiple tests to check and validate the high performance, seamless flow, and user-friendly design of your application.

05. Deployment

We then deploy your application into the production environment and perform the final test to ensure error-free performance.

What makes Orangesoft the best React.js development company

Enter endless possibilities with our React.js development services.

Diverse expertise

Orangesoft is a full-cycle software development partner that delivers both frontend and backend solutions. We combine our proven technological competence with domain knowledge to create profitable applications of any complexity.

Custom development

We prioritize individual approaches to each project and delve deep into the challenges, requirements, and goals of your business. Our React.js developers build custom architectures and combine proven technologies to deliver bespoke web solutions.

Flexible hiring

Build up or down your team capabilities with no hiring hassle or administrative grind. You can add part-time specialists on demand or hire a ready-to-go team to handle the entire project from discovery to launch.

Complete transparency

We put trust, communication, and transparency at the forefront of our development process. We encourage our clients to partake in the project and integrate a regular feedback loop to keep our clients updated on the progress.

Timely delivery

We apply best Agile practices and calibrated communication processes to deliver a high-quality product on time and within the budget. Our team also relies on well-defined application requirements and a documented project roadmap to ensure adherence to deadlines.

70% of the company are senior and middle engineers

We hire vetted development talent to ensure the high quality of our software products. Our developers have a large skillset and a proven track record of successfully delivered projects.

Questions you might have

What is React.js?

React.js is an easy-to-use JavaScript library for designing and building the client side of an application. This library makes building complex user interfaces simpler and more efficient compared to JavaScript. It lets you create reusable components so that your code is easy to read and maintain.

What is React.js used for?

The library is typically used for interfaces that require high user interaction. Thus, React.js perfectly fits into social networking apps or any other application with multiple simultaneous requests. You can also add the technology to your existing web solution to increase its interactivity.

Moreover, the technology is the go-to choice for single-page applications as it modifies your data without reloading a page.

Why is React a good choice for my business?

React is a robust and lightweight technology that can be used to create performant user interfaces. It is a well-supported library with an active community that helps you future-proof your web solution.

Moreover, React.js is a cost-effective technology option that allows developers to reuse components for other applications and build in the same features with no additional costs.

Which companies use React.js?

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, created the React.js library and continues to use it on its platforms. Other industry giants such as Uber, Netflix, Atlassian, Airbnb, and others power their solutions with React components.

Do you use TypeScript with React.js?

Yes. We offer TypeScript development services along with React.js on request.

How does React.js reduce app development costs?

React.js helps developers reuse code to build similar UI components, which reduces both time and cost of development. Also, the popularity and avid community of this technology have resulted in a large amount of publicly available ready-made components and libraries that help meet the challenge faster.
Additionally, both the server and client sides of the software can be coded in JavaScript. It speeds up the app development process and reduces the overall cost of development.

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