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Our full-stack development company assists you at every stage of your software development. We take the lead in frontend and backend, databases, APIs, and DevOps to deliver a market-ready solution tailored to your needs.

Accelerate the pace of digital change and grow your business faster with our full-stack development services. Our developers apply their profound knowledge and our decade-long experience to create a worthwhile digital experience for your company.

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Full-stack development services we provide

Our result-oriented full-stack developers develop robust, secure and scalable web apps.

Frontend development

Frontend development

We create impressive yet functional interfaces to strike the right balance between usability and aesthetics. Our developers employ a wide range of frontend technologies, including Bootstrap, Tailwind, Ant design, Material UI, React.js, and others, to fully address user needs.

Backend development

Backend development

Our team creates reliable backend code to set up a robust and secure architecture for your application. We leverage a proven set of backend technologies such as Node.js, Express.js, and Nest.js to deliver performant and scalable solutions with custom APIs.

Database management

Database management

As a full-stack development company, we help you choose and manage the right database for your application. Our developers work across a broad spectrum of databases, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, and others, ensuring your application’s data is secure and readily accessible.

API development & integration services

API development & integration services

Accelerate product releases and reduce development costs with our custom API development and integration. We develop tailored APIs or perform third-party integrations to let your application leverage additional features and connect seamlessly with payment systems, business tools, and other types of solutions.

DevOps assistance

DevOps assistance

We enable fast-paced development and better time-to-market through a combination of best DevOps practices. During development, our software experts rely on end-to-end automation, continuous delivery, and a host of DevOps tools to cut development costs, accelerate releases, and improve software quality.

Dedicated full-stack developers

Dedicated full-stack developers

Hire a cross-functional team from Orangesoft to cover the entire process of web development. Our team holds strong technical expertise and combined skill sets to help you build full-fledged applications with fewer resources and in a shorter time.

Web app management and maintenance

Web app management and maintenance

Our team makes application support easy for your company. We provide long-term web app support and introduce improvements to your web solution as and when required. Our developers maintain all types of web systems — from e-commerce stores to SaaS solutions.

Why choose full-stack development?

Get all your required services under one roof with our full-stack developers.

Better team management

Better team management

Full-stack software development gets your software delivered by a single team of professionals. This translates into the ease of team management, reduced costs, and integrated team vision — all leading to better project outcomes.

Cost-effective development

Cost-effective development

Add full-stack developers with the breadth of knowledge to eliminate the need for a big team of developers and related expenses. Our cross-functional teams work on every aspect of your product, helping you build an MVP or a full-fledged solution with fewer resources and development costs.

​​Better support and maintenance

​​Better support and maintenance

Our full-stack developers establish a thorough understanding of your project. Detailed knowledge helps them troubleshoot issues fast and blend the new functionality into your solution with no disruption.

Rapid development

Rapid development

Having one team to work on your project streamlines the overall web development process. Since your team has complete ownership and understanding of the project, this development approach also promotes fast and timely delivery.

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Our tech stack and infrastructure


React / Next.js / JavaScript / TypeScript / HTML5 / CSS / SASS /


AWS / Google Cloud / Heroku / Kubernetes / Docker /


Express.js / Node.js / NestJS /


PostgreSQL / MongoDB / MySQL / Redis /

Full-stack development process at Orangesoft

We have a clearly defined workflow to deliver top-quality products on time.

01. Discovery

Our collaboration starts with a dive into your project vision, requirements gathering, competition analysis, and user research to discover your project’s feasibility.

02. Design and Architecture Design

Based on your project requirements, we create high-fidelity wireframes and prototypes if required by your project.

03. Development

Our developers turn designs into a complete web solution and connect it with custom APIs or your CMS.

04. Testing

We cover your web solution with multiple tests to validate its performance, check its usability, and make sure it’s ready for the market.

05. Deployment

After your web application is polished, we deploy it on any desired platform and complete the setup.

What makes us the best full-stack development company

Our full-stack web developers has in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in end to end full stack development services.

Technology expertise

Building on years of experience, our software engineers have straddled technical proficiency in multiple areas and have achieved proficiency in diverse technologies.

Agile methodology

We follow best Agile practices and drive your project from a business idea to a full-fledged solution in meaningful iterations to ensure high quality and full alignment with your expectations.

Delivering on time and within budget

We outline the project scope, define deliverables, and break your project into workable iterations to eliminate the risk of delays and deliver the result according to your budget and expected timeline.

One-stop solution

Our full-stack developers will cover all aspects of your application, thus helping you build a fully functional solution without the need to hire separate specialists for every activity involved in development.

After-delivery support

We provide after-deployment support services for all of our projects. Our support teams will monitor your app performance and introduce changes and modifications if needed.

Questions you might have

What is full-stack development?

This development approach covers both the server-side and client-side of a web application, including an app interface, database servers, APIs, and other components. To handle this type of development, software engineers must possess comprehensive skills in the front- and backend web development process.

What are the main benefits of using a full-stack web development service?

    The benefits of full-stack web development services include:
  • Easy switching between frontend and backend
  • Faster delivery
  • Reduced development costs
  • Improved team management
  • Easy maintenance and support

How much does it cost me to hire full-stack developers?

A good full-stack developer is rare, and their value is really high, since an engineer can do the work of two or three people. Also, the project scope, its complexity, and other specifics influence the total cost. The best way to find out more about costs is to contact our company directly.

How to select the right full-stack development partner?

The right full-stack development partner can grasp your idea and transform it into a viable solution with an intuitive interface and strong backend architecture based on a suitable combination of technologies.

An experienced development company should also have a portfolio of full-stack projects verified by clients’ reviews.

What is the cost to develop a web application?

The cost varies based on the number of pages your web application includes and the expected number of users. The total also depends on the technology stack needed and the number of developers involved in the development process. We will first analyze your project needs to give you an accurate quote.

Which types of websites do you build?

Our team has experience in building all types of websites for almost every business niche — from feature-rich web portals to e-commerce websites. At Orangesoft, we use a combination of techniques to research the target audience and design a superior user experience for each web project. Our designs are augmented with emerging technologies to help your website stand out among the competition.

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