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Since 2011, Orangesoft has been delivering scalable applications for companies of all sizes. Our Node.js app development company helps you grow and streamline your business with fast, secure, and highly efficient solutions.

Node.js allows your application to operate smoothly in a real-time, data-intensive environment with increased loading speed and stable performance. Be it IoT, real-time chats, or collaboration tools, Node.js levels up user experience, accelerates time-to-market, and facilitates business growth.

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Node.js development services we offer

Use Node.js development services to build high-performance web apps.

Custom Node.js development

Custom Node.js development

We match your unique business challenges with a custom Node.js solution. Build lightweight, flexible, and high-performance apps tailored to your requirements and aligned with the user's needs.

Node.js consulting

Node.js consulting

Identify the root cause of poor performance and audit existing architectures with our consultants. Our Node.js experts will help you make the most of your digital solutions and maximize their value.

Node.js migration

Node.js migration

Pivot away from bulky backend infrastructures and add more flexibility to your applications with our Node.js migration services. We handle the end-to-end mobile porting and migration process to help you securely elevate to the next level.

Dedicated Node.js development team

Dedicated Node.js development team

Secure experienced Node.js talent for your evolving project's needs. Following your unique project needs, our team of dedicated Node.js developers builds enterprise-grade business solutions – on time and within budget.

Maintenance and support

Maintenance and support

Our support team takes over the entire range of maintenance services – from updates to performance monitoring — to accommodate your growing business needs and ensure steadfast application performance.

Why сhoose Node.js for your app development project?

Build fast and asynchronous apps and dynamic websites with Node.js.

Win the market with real-time apps

Win the market with real-time apps

Node.js is the preferred option for building apps that handle a high volume of requests at the same time, including chat rooms, shopping apps, online gaming, and others.

Develop applications in record time

Develop applications in record time

With its event-driven I/O model that supports the handling of concurrent requests, Node.js speeds up development time and reduces time-to-market.

One language for front and back ends

One language for front and back ends

Your whole team works with just one language on both the server and client side, enabling you to reuse the code and accelerate the development process.

Scale applications easily

Scale applications easily

Node.js shines in building scalable applications that withstand traffic peaks and that expand along with your business.

Freedom enables creativity

Freedom enables creativity

Innovate, diversify, and build new applications however you want with vendor-agnostic and open-source Node.js.

Community-driven modules

Community-driven modules

A thriving Node.js community has got you covered with a rich collection of ready-made modules, libraries, and reusable templates.

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Node.js development process at Orangesoft

We have a clearly defined workflow to deliver top-quality products on time.

01. Discovery

We first identify your vision, goals, and project scope and check them against current market trends. We then write down your project specifications in a set of software-project documents.

02. Architecture design

Following your project requirements, our developers identify the right technology stack, map out a backend architecture, and select optimal integrations.

03. Development

We build the application according to your design requirements and connect it with a custom API or your CMS. At this stage, our developers also create all the web pages and other website components.

04. Testing

We run a set of checks to validate each aspect of your application's appearance and performance. We also test the compatibility and security of your solution.

05. Deployment

We roll out your application on any desired platform and complete the setup. On demand, we offer long-term application maintenance to help your application deliver long-term value.

What makes us the best Node.js development company

As a trusted Node.js development company, Orangesoft creates fast, scalable and real-time applications.

Full-scale expertise

Orangesoft is a full-stack software development partner that delivers both frontend and backend solutions. Our developers boast proven technological competence combined with domain knowledge to create complex solutions for different business verticals.

Customized solutions

We prioritize individual approaches to each project and deliver tailor-made solutions aligned with your project needs and business objectives. Our Node.js developers choose a unique technology stack to ensure the perfect match between technology and your business.

Flexible hiring

Overcome the talent gap and ramp up your hiring with no administrative burden. Orangesoft offers on-demand part-time specialists and ready-to-go teams to support your digital initiatives — fast and cost-effectively.

Complete transparency

We prioritize transparency, communication, and trust throughout the development process. Our project managers incorporate a frequent feedback loop to keep our clients updated on the progress.

Timely delivery

We rely on best Agile practices and time-tested communication flows to deliver a high-quality product on time and within budget. We also ground our processes on well-defined application requirements and a documented project roadmap to ensure adherence to deadlines.

70% of the company are senior and middle engineers

Our teams are made up of experienced developers to guarantee the high quality of our software products. Our software engineers have diverse skill sets and a proven track record of successfully delivering projects.

Questions you might have

What is Node.js?

Node.js is an open-source backend runtime environment that was designed to build scalable network applications. It runs on a JavaScript engine and executes JavaScript code on the server side. Since 2009, Node.js has been empowering a wide array of scalable network applications and remains popular among startups and leading enterprises.

What is Node.js used for?

This runtime works great for traditional websites and API-based applications but was designed with real-time applications in mind. Thus, chat applications, real-time analytics dashboards, streaming apps, and other data-intensive solutions thrive on Node.js.

Why choose Node.js?

This technology allows you to use JavaScript for backend development. Thanks to this possibility, the front and back ends of your application can be built and maintained by a single team of full-stack developers.

Node.js scalability allows you to build applications for different needs and of different complexities. For example, Node.js is an industry standard for developing real-time applications.

How can Node.js development help my business?

Today, over 30 million websites use Node.js, with high-traffic ones getting the biggest benefits. Due to its lightweight structure, the technology excels at accommodating large-scale web applications and scaling data needs. Backed up by Fortune 500 companies, Node.js can help you achieve the same level of performance and stability.

If you’re still not sure whether this technology can benefit your business, you’re welcome to contact our consulting team. We’ll tell you more about the potential of Node.js and check whether the technology is suitable for your project idea.

How much will it cost to build a Node.js app?

Your development costs depend on your application, its feature set, its complexity, and the expected delivery time. It’s also important to factor in business analysis, testing, maintenance, and project management cost, and to decide on the seniority level of your development team.
You can contact our team to get an estimate on your project.

What is your experience in Node.js development?

As a mature app development company, we have delivered over 100 web applications, including those based on Node.js. Our team has developed Node.js projects for a wide range of industries, from healthcare to e-commerce. Our profound experience and domain expertise help us create effective, fast-working, and stable solutions that perfectly match your business needs. Our developers are also proficient in JavaScript technologies, which allows them to create solid back ends and user-friendly interfaces.

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