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22 Best Internet of Things Conferences and Events to Attend in 2023

Julia Rasich

Julia Rasich

Marketing Manager

Illustration by Amir Kerr

Analysts project the IoT market to grow at a CAGR of almost 25% by 2028, which means this technology will soon revolutionize the world. Knowing this, IT visionaries shouldn’t miss out on their chance to take a greater share of the market before everyone starts capitalizing on IoT. But how can you improve your IoT knowledge and start spotting trends?

While there are many online resources, nothing is better than learning from IoT experts in person. Offline conferences and expos offer valuable, hands-on experience from industry leaders. Besides attending keynote sessions, these events often also invite you to network with like-minded attendees and participate in workshops. 

We have prepared a list of top IoT conferences, expos, and summits in 2023 that will take place either online or offline:

IoT Solutions World Congress

When: January 31 – February 2, 2023

Where: Barcelona, Spain

Price: Full Congress Pass – €695, Daily Congress Pass – €400, Expo+ – €150,  Cybersecurity Congress Pass – €320, Cybersecurity Expo+ – €150

IoT Solutions World Congress (IoTSWC) and Integrated Systems Europe (ISE), the world’s leading professional audiovisual (AV) and systems integration show, have joined forces this year to share digital transformation opportunities in numerous industries. The atmosphere will be full of valuable data since most of the speakers are senior-level executives, and 60% of attendees are key decision-makers. Connectivity is among the top five topics to be discussed, so stay tuned.

IoT Evolution Expo 2023

When: February 14 – February 17, 2023

Where: Fort Lauderdale, USA

Price: From $149

Another significant event in the IoT community, IoT Evolution Expo will bring together 7,000+ attendees and 300+ exhibitors to discuss and showcase the latest trends in the sector. Service providers, manufacturers, and enterprise owners are the focus of the summit. The agenda of this year’s event is quite diverse and includes 5G, the challenges of smart cities, industrial IoT, and other topics.

All Things IIoT Day

When: March 2, 2023

Where: Online

Price: Free for end-users and for the first 1,500 people

All Things IIoT Day is a dedicated virtual one-day gathering focused on deploying digital technologies in the manufacturing industry. It’s a must-see conference for C-level executives, VPs, plant managers, OT/IT managers & directors, and emerging startups looking to explore the ingenious Industry 4.0 technologies.

Over 115 speakers will shed light on topics focused on AI, AR, ML, and IIoT across multiple industries and share their stories with 21,000+ expected attendees.

Smart Manufacturing & Industrial IoT Summit

When: March 13 – March 14, 2023

Where: London, UK

Price: On request

An exclusive event for 100+ industry leaders, the Smart Manufacturing & Industrial IoT Summit will look into cutting-edge advancements in IoT, big data analytics, blockchain, 5G, and other innovations. Attendees will have a chance to build meaningful relationships with other high-profile industry visionaries and hear from 25+ speakers from the biggest tech companies.

Industry of Things World USA

When: March 19 – March 21, 2023

Where: San Diego, CA, USA

Price: Standard Event Pass – $2,549, Premium Event Pass – $2,749, All Inclusive Event Pass – $3,249

If you are searching for a conference devoted to IoT, then Industry of Things World USA is for you. Source knowledge from 49 industry experts, discuss new business and service models and discover new technical implementations by networking with peers. Last year, attendees met representatives from Boeing, Continental, AGCO, P&G, AirBus, StanleyBlack&Decker and other industry experts.

6th Conference on Cloud and Internet of Things

When: March 20 – March 22, 2023 

Where: Lisbon, Portugal

Price: CIoT IEEE Member – €708,00, CIoT Participant Non-Member – €780,00, Student €360,00 

A high-quality international academic and industrial exchange forum, the conference is intended for experts and scholars in the field of intelligent systems, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things. Keynote speakers are PhDs and top scientists who will talk about the challenges of clouds and IoT systems, including 6G architecture and next-generation data centers.  

CIoT 2023 Tutorials make up one of the conference’s pillars, designed to provide know-how for the CIoT academic and practitioner community.

Nordic IoT 2023

When: April 21, 2023

Where: Online & Helsinki, Finland

Price: Sold out

For one day, 30+ speakers and 700 participants will be brought together to share expertise and real-world experience in IoT, AT, ML, data analytics, automation, and digitalization. The Nordic IoT conference is packed with insights and events that will run in parallel with tracks. Attendees will dive deep into sessions, participate in Q&As, network with industry aficionados, and build their own agenda.

Past speakers include well-known experts from Wells Fargo, Philips, Maersk, AstraZeneca, and other business conglomerates.

IoT Tech Expo North America

When:  May 17 – May 18, 2023

Where: Santa Clara, CA, USA

Price: ULTIMATE PASS – $899, GOLD PASS – $649, EXPO PASS - Free

Want to drive your business forward with IoT in North America? Visit Santa Clara or join online to discover what 250+ speakers have to share. Last year, attendees got to hear from experts at UPS, Mitsubishi, Momenta, W3C, and Halli Burton representatives. At IoT Tech Expo North America, you can also find out advanced IoT strategies, barriers to adoption, and transformation and digitalization trends.

IoT Week

When: June 19 – June 22, 2023

Where: Berlin, Germany

Price: TBA

IoT is the main topic of the IoT Week that will take place in Berlin later this year. Find out how IoT reshapes the notion of smart cities, industrial sectors, agriculture, and many other industries. 

Additionally, you will be able to spot emerging talent from those who participate in the hackathon or take part yourself. Other topics that you can learn about at this event are the advancements in Artificial Intelligence, Edge Computing, Extended Reality and Metaverse, Blockchain, Quantum Computing, and more.

Embedded Open Source Summit

When: June 27 – June 30, 2023

Where: Online & Prague, Czech Republic

Price: In-Person – $649, Academic – $275, Small Business – $500, Virtual – $50

Embedded Open Source Summit is a micro-conference that will take place within the Embedded Open Source Summit, an umbrella event for open-source embedded projects and developer communities. Attendees will be united under one roof for discussions, training, and workshops with other developers, architects, and product vendors.

Hardware Pioneers Max

When: July 13, 2023

Where: London, UK

Price: Free

Billed as the UK's largest exhibition and conference, Hardware Pioneers Max will introduce you to the world of next-gen technologies for smart and connected devices. Two thousand participants will attend the conference to glean insights from 50+ speakers and gauge innovative products from 90 exhibitors.

The event is intended for design engineers, electronic engineers, embedded system developers, product managers, and technical management. The topic range is impressive and includes edge AI, sensors, IoT security, ultra-wideband (UWB), and other transformative technologies.


When: August 6 – August 11, 2023

Where: Online & Las Vegas, USA

Price: TBA

Black Hat is a historical event that has been around for 25 years. The main focus of last year’s event was on cyber security in any sphere you can think of. 

At this event, you can learn what top leaders think about real problems and online and offline solutions. However, not anyone gets invited, so hurry up and request your spot.

Industry of Things World Germany

When: September 17 – September 19, 2023

Where: Berlin, Germany

Price: Standard Event Pass – $2,549, Premium Event Pass – $2,749, All Inclusive Event Pass – $3,249, Digital Event Pass – $895

Those who want to harness the power of the Industrial IoT application will never forget the Industry of Things World event, especially if they attended it in person. Those who come to Berlin will learn from 25 case studies and 20+ interactive workshops. On top of that, everyone has a chance to listen to almost a hundred industry-focused speakers, including Siemens, Smart Electronic Factory, Kamax, AWS, BAADER, and more. 


When: September 20 – September 21, 2023

Where: Lyon, France

Price: TBA

SIDO gathers entrepreneurs who want to share their latest IoT, AI, XR, and Robotics solutions. Further, Europe's largest B2B showroom offers you 60 conferences to visit, where 180 speakers will contribute to developing the tech ecosystem across Europe. This isn’t only a great chance to boost your business and a unique opportunity to find new paths of digital transformation.

Applied Intelligence Live

When: September 20 – September 21, 2023

Where: Austin, USA

Price: Delegate – $699, VIP – $999, Expo – $49

This year, Applied Intelligence Live will unite with the AI Summit to bring attendees insights on these two major technologies at once. In addition, another major draw to this event is its speakers, including a Senior Innovation Manager from Volva, SVP and Strategist Planner from FedEx, Director of IoT analytics from Caterpillar, and others.

Excited? So are we!

The Things Conference

When: September 21 – September 22, 2023

Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Price: Complete ticket – €496, Student ticket – €56

The Things Conference is the world's largest conference that revolves around LoRaWAN, an LPWAN protocol. The conference provides a plethora of information on LoRaWAN through 90+ curated keynotes, 20+ engaging seminars, and live product demonstrations. Make sure to join 1500 other IoT professionals and 70+ industry front-runners in this exclusive LoRaWAN event.

IoT Tech Expo Europe

When: September 26 – September 27, 2023

Where: Online & Amsterdam, Netherlands

Price:  ULTIMATE PASS – $699, GOLD PASS – $499, EXPO PASS - Free

Powering the connected world with IoT – that’s what IoT Tech Expo Europe is all about. Find out best practices and innovations in manufacturing, transport, supply chain, government, legal sectors, financial services, energy, utilities, insurance, healthcare, retail, and more. Don’t just absorb the information but also network, gain personal AI-powered recommendations, and attend virtual one-to-one meetings. 

Future Urbanism Smart City Summit & Expo

When: October 16 – October 20, 2023

Where: Dubai, UAE

Price: TBA

Future Urbanism Smart City Summit & Expo Dubai gathers the world’s most influential urbanists from intersecting worlds of infrastructure, city planning, development, investing and technology to create livable cities of tomorrow. More than 15,000 professional visitors are expected, with over 150 exhibitors, along with high-level representatives from various cities and over 100 speakers, experts, and thought leaders.

Find out how IoT has shaped and will continue to reshape the way we live while also learning how to spot potential areas for improvement!

Digital Around the World

When: October 20 – October 21, 2023

Where: Online

Price: TBA

Digital Around the World is a 24-hour all-digital conference designed for industry experts and top-level researchers. The event will be held non-stop for 24 hours and will feature 24 sessions with keynote speakers from Europe, North and South America, and Asia/Pacific. So if you’re into AI-enabled digital transformation, smart governance, and 5G, make sure to have this event marked on your calendar.

IoT Tech Expo Global

When: November 30 – December 1, 2023

Where: Online & London, UK

Price: ULTIMATE PASS – £599, GOLD PASS – £399, EXPO PASS - Free

The hallmark event of 2023 will take place in London and will bring together 6,000 attendees from all walks of life for 5 co-located events. From CTOs to developers to OEMs, IoT Tech Expo Global, participants will draw inspiration from over 150 speakers and 200 exhibitors.

Thematic areas of IoT Tech Expo Global include data analytics, IIoT & smart manufacturing, connected environments, 5G, R&D, and more. Overall, attendees will visit 16+ free conference tracks.

SIDO Paris

When: December 6 – December 7, 2023

Where: Online & Paris, France

Price: TBA

SIDO Paris offers ultra-targeted and efficient professional meetings in the same vein as SIDO Lyon, which has brought together the IoT, AI, XR, and robotics ecosystems and manufacturing and service businesses for seven years. SIDO Paris aims to bring the tech and use cases event to Paris, as well as explore technology usage among decision-makers and operational professionals.

IIoT World Manufacturing & Supply Chain Day

When: December 7, 2023

Where: Online

Price: TBA

This virtual gathering will round out the series of IIoT World Day events in 2023. Over 21,000 attendees will come from 120+ counties to participate in the IIoT World Manufacturing & Supply Chain Day and listen to nuggets of wisdom from seasoned experts. As the name implies, the speakers will focus on IIoT & AI technologies applied in the manufacturing and supply chain industries.

Summing Up

The Internet of Things is slowly but steadily conquering the world, and it’s just a matter of time before IoT technology will be present in every aspect of our daily life. Visiting any of these conferences and expos is your chance to get an “Early Bird ticket” to tech insights and competitive strategies that you can implement before others. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

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