orangesoft · 15 Apr 2022

Orangesoft Recognized as One of the 100 Companies That Demonstrates Sustained Growth on Clutch

Julia Rasich

Julia Rasich

Marketing Manager

Illustration by Amir Kerr

Orangesoft has been creating remarkable mobile and web products using the best technologies in the market. Our dedication to helping our clients, whether big or small, build tailored experiences that highlight their competitive advantage is a pride of ours. The partnerships that we make to come up with the most innovative digital solutions motivate us to provide the best service that we can deliver.

Today, we’re incredibly excited to share with you that our efforts have been acknowledged by Clutch. The B2B firm’s 2022 research shows that Orangesoft is one of the 100 companies that showed sustained and consistent growth in recent years!

The top 100 sustained-growth companies' rank is based on their absolute revenue growth from 2018 to 2021. 

To better explain, Clutch is a ratings and reviews platform that collects feedback from clients of different vendors. Clutch also analyzes industry data and trends and curates lists of the leading service providers in various categories each year. The B2B platform factors in a set of criteria, including client satisfaction and the number of verified reviews that they have received to highlight the Clutch Leaders annually.

We’re proud to have collected an overall rating of 5-stars across 22 reviews!

“We have very positive feedback from our clients regarding the design and functionality of the app.”


Key Account Manager, ASPORTUGUESAS

“They have a great understanding of what they do and of how tech products work.”


O.Z. Ozmen, Founder, Wizardy

“Orangesoft team matches our desire to be quick and support our customers.”


Mats Danielsen, CEO, Liquid Barcodes

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